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Ayumi Lewis


My passion is and has always been taking care of others and making a difference in their lives. My debut into the business world was driven by this passion when I started my first business, a restaurant. I felt so happy while hosting my customers as they enjoyed great food and conversation. After 3 successful restaurants, I wanted to do more. I wanted to bring more significant value to people, so I set my sights on the real estate industry.

This industry has allowed me to pursue my passion at a different level. Guiding my clients through the treacherous road of real estate, providing them with the tools necessary to make educated decisions, maximizing value, teaching, guiding, and creating value in their lives. This is my passion.

Through this process, I have created many valuable relationships - my clients are my friends. Their homes are my homes, and I treat each transaction as my own. I now invite you to become friends. My knowledge, resources, and passion are at your disposal. Looking forward to meeting you.

"Ayumi, was wonderful she did everything she said she would do and did it very quickly, we highly recommend her!"

  -brent mcmahon, Client

"For some time I have watched Ayumi sell homes in my neighborhood and was really impressed with her reputation here. Every neighbor I talked to spoke highly of her and trusted her. She is always giving back to our community by sponsoring events, hiring her to sell my home was only natural. She met with us and patiently explained the process and suggested a price. I disagreed thinking it was too high because a remarkably similar house across the street was listed for much lower and had not sold for a long time. I put my trust in Ayumi’s experience with our neighborhood and went with her recommended price. After staging and hosting a successful open house, we sold our home at the offered price. Ayumi continued to support us helping with the transitioning of the home warranties and forwarding mail, which created a good relationship with the buyer. I knew we would have a positive experience with Ayumi but my own experience with her was much more than I expected."

  -Wei | Irvine, Client

"When it came time to upgrade my home, I had a very limited time frame to sell the house. I only work with the best because I expect and need the best results. Having attended Ayumi’s open houses for close to two years, I was familiar with her efficiency and good taste. Her homes always sold quickly and at or very close to the listed price. Knowing Ayumi’s efficiency, we could safely expect to have our home ready for showing in a short period of time. She provided us with personalized marketing research materials on our first appointment. She helped us arrange the cleaning, staging, and photographing appointments on the first week. It was unbelievable. As expected her knowledge and professionalism were top-notch, she prepared our house with very good taste, beautiful staging and with very little interference in my family’s life. Ayumi sent me an offer the night of our first open house and the offer was very close to my asking price. It goes without saying that I would recommend Ayumi."

  -Catherine | Portola Springs, Client

"When it was time to sell our family home, I was under a lot of stress. I knew of Ayumi’s reputation for a while as she was my sister’s realtor for the sale of her home. I was ready to hire Ayumi right away after seeing the flawless handling of my sister’s difficult sale. After some discussion, we all decided to work with Ayumi. Just as expected she scheduled everything and put her personal touches on preparing our home. Our house looked so beautiful! Everything went smoothly and our house went into escrow status, but amazingly Ayumi was able to get back up offers while we waiting on escrow to close. It was such a blessing that Ayumi kept working even after finding us the initial buyer because the first escrow fell through. We were able to open escrow the same day with the backup offer! After all, is said and done, I cannot say enough about Ayumi’s commitment to her job. She is truly a professional and I highly recommend her to anyone."

  -Mona | Tustin Ranch, Client

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